About Me

My name is Wesley Catig and I am a 24-year-old working in the construction industry with a civil engineering background. I've always had an interest in gadgets disregarding quality or purpose. Since I was a teen I’ve had quite a few hobbies and interests. Everything that I've laid eyes on has steered me to where I am now, the love of quality gear. I love things that are over-built and over-engineered yet useable and aesthetically pleasing. My things aren't put through tremendous abuse, but I don't baby my stuff either. I see myself as more of a user than a collector.

Over the years, I've realized that average consumer grade products aren't good enough for me. I don't mind paying extra for an item knowing it will last, or that a top-notch company backs it. Even if my life doesn't depend on it, I take joy knowing that I don't have to worry later on. I've tried to follow the common philosophy of "Buy it right or buy it twice." In the end, I believe that it's worthwhile to get the best that you can afford. Also taking preventative measures will ensure that things are more likely to go right when you need it to.