Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Red Wing Heritage Beckman [Cigar]

I bought these Red Wing Beckman's in copper during my boot buying phase about a year ago. I was looking for something with a plain toe for work since my Wolverine 1000 miles were a bit dressy on the job site. The Beckmans have the commando sole which is night and day difference when compared to the slippery leather soles of my 1000 miles. I liked these so much that I ended up buying two more pairs in Black Cherry and Black (to be posted at a later date). These boots have about ~6 months of wear in them and has a fresh coat of Obenauf's LP slathered on. The rubber compound of the soles wears bettern then than the wedge soles of my 9106's. But to give a little more context, the 9106's were used when I was a working at LMU, which consisted of building with 3 underground parking levels with a rough rotary finish, plus 3 levels of classrooms with a mix of broom finishes. This paired with having my office trailer off site equalled a lot of walking on rough concrete surfaces. These Beckmans were my primary boot when I was working at the Bicycle Casino Hotel which was entirely a smooth hard trowel finish through out and a jobsite trailer that was only a couple hundred feet away across the dirt lot. So the wear on the soles might not be a fair comparison, but the environment was just another factor in the sole wear. Like with all my brown boots, I love the patina after use compared to to the fresh scuff/scratch-free leather when pulling it out of the box.

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