Sunday, November 8, 2015

Red Wing Heritage 9106 Moc-Toe Boot [Copper]

I bought these boots a couple years ago when I was still working on the Life Sciences Building at LMU. I was looking for a lighter weight alternative to my L.L. Bean Katahdins and ended up with one of my most comfortable pair of boots. Typical with Red Wing boots, these had a rough couple week break in period. Once they molded to my feet, these became my go-to work boots. While the wedge soles don't give the best traction in muddy conditions when compared to my lugged/commando sole boots, they are perfect for everything else. While I do spend the majority of my work day behind a desk these days, I found that these types of soles are ideal for walking on rebar, which happens often when working in concrete construction. The flat soles reduces the chance of getting your heels caught on something, and the softer material "wraps" around the rebar giving a little extra grip. The only downside that I experienced for these soles are their lifespan. Even though these were two years old, they've only probably only lasted me 6 to 8 months of use, and thats probably 40% of being out on the field and 60% sitting behind my computer screen or at a plan desk. That being said I've finally got around getting these resoled. I took them to a local Red Wing store in Anaheim off of Euclid and they were ready within a week and half.

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