Sunday, November 1, 2015

New Toy, New Machine, Singer Heavy Duty 4432

I've been long overdue for a new machine since my last sewing machine went kaput a few years ago. I used to run an old Singer home machine that I picked up from Craigslist, but after trying to sew through many layers of 1000D cordura over and over again it finally gave up. The machine clearly wasn't designed to handle the thick layers of fabric, but it got me through a few small projects back in the day. If you look back at some old posts, you can see a few of the packs/pouches that I've thrown together.

I'm not planning on doing as much "heavy duty" work as I did before, but like a lot of things, I find comfort knowing that it can handle it and will last. The most action that this will see is hemming up some pants cuffs but there will be an occasional oddball project.

I opted for the version with 32 stitch styles as it was only a few bucks more. Typically I only stuck to straight stitches, but after using this machine a few times already, the extra stitch patterns are quite nice to use. If I work on anything other than hemming pants, I'll be sure to post up pictures of what I'm working on.

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