Monday, October 5, 2015

Triple Aught Design - Stealth (non-LT) - [UE Grey]

I purchased this in November 2014 and this was probably my biggest TAD purchase to date. I rocked a Condor knock-off for quite some time but I wanted something with a little better fit and quality. At the time I was deciding between the non-LT and LT version, but ultimately settled for the non-LT due to the price tag. After recently getting the LT version, I still don't regret this purchase as it still is quite a nice jacket for cooler conditions. I chose the UE Grey, because I was getting a little bored of the khakis/coyote/olive drab/black and grey was the newest trending color. I decided on the non-patched version since I wanted something a little more "low key" and I never was a fan of sleeve patches. This has been my go-to jacket whenever I needed something warm/wind proof and it has never let me down.

 photo scaled.IMG_3533.jpg
 photo scaled.IMG_3536.jpg
 photo scaled.IMG_3537.jpg
 photo scaled.IMG_3538.jpg
 photo scaled.IMG_3539.jpg

 photo scaled.IMG_9619.jpg
On a windy day at Joshua Tree, CA

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