Sunday, October 4, 2015

Triple Aught Design - Shag Master Hoodie [Charcoal]

During the winter of 2013 when I first found out about the existence of this once legendary beast I knew that I had to find one. No, I wasn't looking for Big Foot, but rather Triple Aught Design's Shag Master Hoodie, the jacket that makes you look and feel like him. While browsing the internet originally looking for a good deal on TAD's fleece Ranger hoodie, I came across the Shag Master. Unfortunately for me they were only part of a short production run the year before and my searches came up short. I searched high and low but only came across overpriced auctions on eBay in sizes that would probably fit the beast himself. I almost gave up and settled for the more common Ranger hoodie, but in a small corner of the internet known as the USN forums, I read rumors of it's return on TAD's upcoming Friday release.

It was the right amount of different, while providing the right amount of utility. I did quite a bit of research trying to figure out the right size based on the "relaxed" cut and lofty material. By the time Friday rolled around, I ended up following the advice of the over the phone rep at TAD and decided to get both a Small and Medium, with the intention of returning the one that I didn't like. The Medium 2013 version was way too big and felt like an L-XL so I ended up keeping the small. It is my understanding that the newer versions have more of an "athletic" cut so YMMV. Even though black is probably my favorite color, I decided on the Charcoal and glad I did because I love how it changes color depending on how the sunlight hits it (greenish tint during the day).

 photo scaled.IMG_3541.jpg
 photo scaled.IMG_3547.jpg
 photo scaled.IMG_3545.jpg
 photo scaled.IMG_3550.jpg
 photo scaled.IMG_9238.jpg
Cheesing in Death Valley while also rocking TAD's Covert RS pants in ME Brown

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