Friday, October 9, 2015

Sinn U1 - Tower Cranes, Webcams, & View of LA

Yesterday, I volunteered to climb up our tower crane at work to troubleshoot our jobsite webcam. This is the second time that I climbed up the 13 x 20' tall sections to reach the top, the first was when I initially had to plug up everything for the install of the webcam. I initially thought there was a an issue with the power going through the 3 x 100' extension cords, but it appears to be an issue with the connection inside the housing itself. I needed to crack it open to take a look, but he only issue was that I didn't have any tools on me other than my Sebenza and keys. I really didn't feel like messing up the tip to take off all 10 or so phillips head screws so I called it a day. I'll need to climb up it again next week, but this time I'll make sure to have at least a multitool on me. Looks like I'll be picking up another multitool to keep in my work vest :)

About the Sinn U1, this is my everyday watch and has been for the past ~2.5 years. Despite not being the fully tegemented version it has held up surprisingly well. I work in the concrete construction industry and despite being primarily a desk diver it isn't babied. I've bumped it into countless concrete walls and columns, miscellaneous metals, and the occasional piece of construction equipment, but it still looks good despite some very light marks on the bottom of the bracelet... caused by sitting at a desk. I've acquired a couple watches since I first got this and nothing comes close to replacing it on my wrist.

These pictures were taken right below the cab of the crane and roughly 200' off the ground with a view of Downtown Los Angeles from the south side.

 photo scaled.Photo Oct 08 12 35 59 PM.jpg
"Action" shot of the Sinn U1

 photo scaled.Photo Oct 08 12 33 15 PM.jpg
The view behind the watch. Downtown Los Angeles from the south side

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