Sunday, July 5, 2015

Triple Aught Design Fastpack EDC (Foliage & Coyote)

I picked up my first TAD Gear Fastpack EDC about two years ago when I started my current job. I had a few packs at that point and wanted something a little different. I had a few Camelbak HAWG's that held up fine during my high school years and is what gave me my benchmark on a quality pack. As I graduated HS and started college, I realized that the HAWG was definitely not designed to hold much and my back certainly could certainly tell. At that point I picked up 5.11's RUSH 24 in black. I absolutely loved the pack, all the pockets let be more organized than ever and carry more as it let me stash items in various places. The yolk straps were the most comfortable when carrying loads of books around campus. The only modification I made was adding compression straps to the sides.

When I started my new job in 2013 I ventured in to the field of construction which meant that at some point my gear was going to get dirty. This was my excuse to get a new pack that wouldn't show dirt as much as my black Rush 24.

I only had a few requirements as I knew exactly what I wanted in a pack.

1) It had to be made of cordura. I was first introduced to this material a few years ago during my teenage airsoft years. My first real piece of gear was my Camelbak HAWG which still looks new after many years of daily use.

2) Side compression straps. This is an absolute must, this allows a bigger capacity bag to be more compact when carrying less. In school, I hated when I had books in my backpack lean away from my body throwing off the weight. Side compression straps allows you to strap down everything closer to your body and gives everything a better balance and the better center of gravity.

3) Ability to carry more without additional pockets/attachments. While I do like the having Molle/PALS webbing as a base platform I don't like having to add much to the pack itself.

The last requirement was what drew me towards TAD's Fastpack EDC. Their pack incorporated external/internal pouches that were a must, but their beavertail design is what sealed the deal. I liked the idea of being able to carry more without having to stuff the item(s) on the inside and inherently make the bag carry awkwardly. After two years of use, I tried to look for an upgrade, but I couldn't find anything close that I would be happy with. Thats when I just settled on getting a the same pack in a different color. I was getting a little tired of the coyote khaki and opted for the more current trend of foliage. I've carried many things with the beavertail such as 300 page half-sized drawings, monitors, jackets, hardhat, 100' extension cords. After using it so much it's hard find something as versatile.

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