Sunday, February 1, 2015

EDC Update 02.01.2015

• Sunwayman V10r Ti+
• Tumi money clip wallet
• Keyport key holder
• Chris Reeves small Sebenza Insingo
• Ray-Ban Liteforce 7018
• Sinn U1 on bracelet
• iPhone 6 - 64gb Space Gray

It’s been a while since my last EDC update so I figured I would get back into the cycle of posting. I still have the same flashlight as my last post butit’s still doing great. I have yet to find something that suits my needs better. I love the variable brightness UI, the ability to use rechargeables, 500 lumen output, and the durable titanium construction. The Tumi money clip wallet was an attempt to slim down from the Tumi Billfold that I previously had. It’s not that much thinner, but it was an improvement. They Keyport key holder was something that I held off until my friend showed me his in person. It’s nice to organize my keys and not worry about key jingle. The CRK Insingo is still my go-to EDC knife. Occasionally I revert to my modified Spyderco Barong, but I love the fit, finish, quality of this little knife. It’s the perfect size and I don’t have to worry much when using it in public.
A new item to my EDC set-up is my pair of Ray-Ban eye glasses. I always hated the idea of wearing glasses, but when everything on my triple monitor set up at work became too blurry, I decided to go to the optometrist. I literally laughed out lout when I put them on as everything became clear again. The Sinn U1 is holding up great since I put it on my wrist almost two years ago. It runs a little fast, but I love the bold styling and the overall heft of it. I’m the type of person that feels naked without my watch and this is a good reason to be wearing one. It has surprisingly held up great despite being worn everyday and working on a construction site. Granted I spend most of my day in the field office, it has been bumped/brushed into various construction equipment/material over the past year and a half. Lastly the iPhone 6 is what sparked the new post. I have been using my 5 for the past two years and it was time for an upgrade. I opted for the 64gb model as I figured I didn’t want to worry about running out of space down the line.
This will be the beginning of many more posts to come.

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