Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Saddleback Tow Belt in Carbon Black

1.5" Saddleback Tow Belt in Carbon Black size 32

So I picked up this belt on a whim. The previous owner only wore it a couple times and I got it at a heavily discounted price.

First of all this thing is thick! It does feel a little heavy duty and stiff, but I will give it some time to loosen up. My waist is about a 32/33/34 and this thing fits perfect. According to Dave at Saddleback, you want to be using the sixth hole. Surprisingly that’s where the buckle fits the best. I assume that over time the belt will loosen up and I will be using a seventh hole, but that’s fine with me. The front does protrude a little but I have been getting used to it, and I’m sure it will flatten out over time.

I’ve always wanted a piece of Saddleback leather and this is my first. I’ve been contemplating on picking up a small or medium bifold in carbon black, but I find it hard to part from my current wallet, a Flipside 2X.

Here is the purchase link and description from their website:

Saddleback Leather
“They’ll fight over it when you’re dead”

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