Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Triple Boot [Black] Macbook

I’ve been working on triple booting my Macbook with Snow Leopard, Windows 7, and Ubuntu 12.04. I’ve been using rEFIt for a while with SL and W7 but over this past week I was working on getting all three to work together.

I followed these set of instructions.

Some notes: 
I have a total of five partitions: 
-One for SL (525gb)
-One for W7 (200gb)
-Three for Ubuntu (one main, one swap, and one for grub) (~25gb)

The reason that I have three for Ubuntu is that I followed having the two as stated in the tutorial. The third one for grub was necessary to separate it from W7. I don’t know the technical side of it, but if I went into W7 via rEFIt, it would boot into grub (which was a hassle). This last partition was my solution to the problem.

Below is how my rEFIt menu would look (not a real screenshot). Oh, and I used the newer Windows logo since I like it better.

These are the icons that I modified:

I will host up the rEFIt folder later if anyone wants it.

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