Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Nailbender Warm XRE P60 Drop-In

Got this new Nailbender P60 Drop in the other day.

Cree XRE Warm
3.6-6V 1.4A
Single Mode
8 Degree Optic
Thermally Potted

I picked this up for use as a thrower. The XRE has the narrowest viewing angle which gives it the tightest hotspot. I run CR123 primaries in this, like I do with all my lights. I chose single mode because I don’t like messing with different modes except for my EDC lights. 8 degree optic for throw because I didn’t want to mess with the common CREE rings found when pairing up a XRE with a smooth reflector. It’s thermally potted for better heat transfer which includes copper tape to better the fitment of the module in the host.

Note that the label says XPG, but is indeed an XRE

Available from Nailbender in the Custom B/S/T section of Candle Power Forums

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