Saturday, June 18, 2011

Casio G-Shock DW-5600MS

I’ve had this for about a month and it’s always on my wrist. I’ve had a Seiko Automatic on my wrist for about 7 years and finally got tired of it. The classic styling still gets me, but I got fed up with constantly adjusting the time every few days. My SKX023 wasn’t so bad, but my 007 was behind about a minute a day. No matter how much I wore it, it never kept decent time for more than a couple days. I know these are part of the ownership of autos, finding the right resting position, the right amount of wrist time, etc. But it’s just not for me, for now that is. Maybe one day I will get a case opener and do some adjustments, but I’m perfectly happy with this G-Shock. I think it has lost about 6 seconds in the past month, and is a lot more practical for me. I’ll still wear one of the Seiko’s for dressier occasions, but for now the G-Shock stays on my wrists.

I really wanted the GW-5600 because of it’s solar and atomic capabilities, but couldn’t justify the extra costs that places were charging.

–EDIT— NVM I just bought one LOL.

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