Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pelican Power Pack writeup

A great man once said:

now I got powah!

Finally I got around to making a short write up to the many that have asked.

First lets start of with materials:

-Pelican 1200 with foam (just need the top and bottom pieces)
-400w Inverter, I got this one Newegg (it was on sale for $20 at the time of purchase)
-12v 12Ah Sealed Lead acid battery (make sure the dimensions are the same)
-Digital Voltmeter (this one runs without an external power source)
-Switch (I just found this one in my drawer)
-DC Panel mount Jack and plug size N (radioshack)
-12v SLA charger

Here is the basic layout

Your exact set up may be a little different depending on what materials you use, but it should be about the same. Not pictured are the details to extending the wires for the receptacle panel. Just give yourself enough slack and make a drawing so you know which wires go where. Also if your LED’s don’t work, check to see that they are wired properly as the + and - do matter.

As for gauge size, I used the wires that came with the inverter (~12?) to connect it to the battery. Everything else I just matched it to whatever I was connecting it to. And for the battery and inverter connections, I just used a single common connector for all the wires so it looks cleaner.

The purpose of the Voltmeter is to make sure that your battery’s voltage doesn’t drop too low, thereby damaging the battery itself. It runs off the power going through it so I have attached a switch so that it is not constantly on and slowly draining the battery.

In the case I carry the charger, short jumper leads, and a set of extra fuses. The jumper leads allow me to charge my car battery if needed. Note that you should try to jumpstart a car with the power pack attached. The battery can’t handle it and the wires definitely can’t handle that much amperage going through it. Simply connect the power pack to the dead battery and let it charge for half an hour or so to get the voltage of the dead battery up.

I may be leaving stuff out as I should be studying for a midterm tomorrow, but feel free to email me for any questions.

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