Friday, February 4, 2011


Came across this old video from over three years ago. This was after the SoCal M&G3 with some truly unexpected events while heading up to Azusa Canyon OHV.

I come in at 2:05

I was about two cars back when this happened. I saw him pull over but didn’t realize what happened so I went around and followed the Underactive who was in front of me. We both kind of simultaneously pulled over after looking in our rear views and saw something on Tony’s windshield. We were ahead by about 400-500ft and we started to head back to his FJ. As we got closer we saw what happened. A large rock fell down from the side of the mountain and was timed so that it hit nothing but the windshield, the top of the steering wheel, and Tony’s face. The others were already tending to him trying to asses the situation. Despite the freak accident, Tony was able to pull over without problems, this is probably why we didn’t think anything was wrong at first. In the end Tony rode back with with SoCalOCFJ and FJDave ended up driving Tony’s to the hospital, of course while taking precautions by wearing his sunglasses and putting a towel over the broken glass on the seat. We ended the day romping around the mudpits of Azusa Canyon and overall having a good meet and mud session despite the incidents.

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