Saturday, February 5, 2011

Newish EDC

Keys with flashdrive, minus the SAK Classic
Oakley Frogskins
Surefire E2DL
Palm Pixi Plus
Seiko SKX007
Flipside Wallet 2X
Fisher Space Pen Cap-O-Matic
BM Ritter Griptilian w/G10 Wilkins Grips

This is basically what I carry now days. I stopped carrying the lighter and the swisstool except for random days where I think I would need them. I also only carry the E1DL when I’m going out for a short time during the day in place of the E2DL. For those few weeks that I had a full load of gear, I’ve worn through the pocket’s on most of my pants :(

Also I’ve switched back to my wallet in my back pocket and my knife back up front. It’s a lot more comfortable and I haven’t had any signs of problems siting on the plastic wallet.

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