Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Old Airsoft Gear

Yeah, I used to be into airsoft, and I’m still kinda embarrassed, but I was young. If it weren’t for this I wouldn’t got into flashlights/knifes/etc. Here is some old gear that I came across in an old folder.

TaskForce Chest rig

Blackhawk Recon Molle Recon Chest Rig

SOTech Tomcat

HSGI Weesatch

CSM Gear dump pouch

BHI Hellstorm Solag Gloves in OD and Coyote

Free pass to the Sylmar Field RIP only been there once :(

Towards the end of my run in the hobby. At Diamondback in Riverside with my friends and the “Dork-Up” group.

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