Friday, December 31, 2010

Coleman Exponent Lithium LED Lantern

So I was browsing Sport’s Chalet after a meal at Costco since it was cold outside. I was going to pick up a Zebralight clone for $12 but decided against it after a while. As I was ready to leave, I see these on the clearance rack. They retail at about $60 at REI and ~$30-$40 everywhere else. I got each one for a few cents over $10 with tax. They run off 3x CR123a batteries that included. I always wanted a lantern that uses CR123’s and this was the ticket. The form factor is amazing, they just smush together to more compact option for packing/storing. It’s about 100 lumens for 5 hours and 60 lumens for 12 hours, it also has a pretty intense strobe as the third mode. The beam quality is really iffy since there are a lot of artifacts due to the “reflector”. But all 4 of these for about the price of one, I can’t complain.

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