Sunday, October 17, 2010

FJC Vehicle Load Out

Others have asked me to compile a list of the stuff that I carry in my truck. I finally got around to doing it after lagging for many many months.

In the list are all the things that are in/on my truck at all times. I might be leaving one or two things out, but I’m pretty sure I got all of it. This from downsizing what I used to carry. The pics are in order chronologically of my drawer set up over the years. Included in the list is my contents of my BOB/GHB and modifications to my vehicle.

The big bold/underlined titles are the locations and the smaller bold/italicized titles are the smaller divisions within each location.

WESBC’s Vehicle Load Out
WESBC’s Vehicle Load Out
WESBC’s Vehicle Load Out


Things that I still need/want:
Head Lamp, I destroyed my old one trying to “fix” it
More water (no more room)
Battery jump-start booster thingymijig
CC Breaker Bar
Kukhri of some kind
Fixed blade
…. that’s all I can think of

Oh and here’s the truck one more time

Any comments are welcome

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