Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pelican 1060

Was in an EDC buying mood despite my minor foot surgery. I picked up this Pelican 1060 case from Fry’s while searching for new flash drive since my PNY attache took a dump. It was only a couple months old with barely any use. I decided to stick to my SanDisk Cruzer since I had very good experiences despite it’s size. I also went back to the original Seiko strap as the NATO one was smelling pretty badly and had to be washed quite often. Oh and you can’t tell but I picked up a few more Touchstone back covers for my phone as my old was peeling and these were on clearance for $4 at Radio Shack.

This case will store my current EDC gear and keep it all in one place (at home,in car, in future EDC bag?). I typically leave most my gear at home when going to the gym or playing basketball. I really don’t like this but stuffing everything in 2 mesh pockets simply won’t work. This way at least I will have my complete EDC in the car, if not on my person.

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