Saturday, May 1, 2010

Surefire G2L+R2 Drop in + Solarforce Tailcap

This started out as a plain old Surefire G2L that I got from Ebay for $35 shipped (apparently the dealer scammed everyone else after me). It was one of two, the other which I lost while biking, both with the stock P60L LED module. After bastardizing the P60L trying to make it fit in a E series head, a regular old Xenon P60 took its place. I then got a R2 drop in from Deal Extreme, and I tossed on the Solarforce tail cap that was meant for my “Poor mans M4”. I love the look of the matte black pieces along with the black nitrolon, one of my favorite looking lights, then again I only buy lights if they look nice, lol.

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